среда, 16 мая 2012 г.


A stunning day , bright sun , i want to sing and dance , so i went walking in the park.
The sun makes us haappy, cheerful, all smiling , happy life and have fun.
Forget about your problems , open life , new experiences and happiness!
And i want to share their bright colourful day with you!

 This jacket - the subject of my special pride , as i sewed it. Perfect fit, perfect cut, the material is very chic and lightweight , with a metallic sheen.

Top also my design.
Material- silk and lace.

A wonderful piece of jewelry that i made myself.
Nothing complicated , no , i used un old vintage key , and added to leather cord , mud stylish and intertesting. And the key is found- a second life.

Excellent points , which gave me Grandma , in her youth she had bought them in Poland .
Very funny and interesting , I love these things when they have their lives and history.

 Just gorgeous and very comfortable shoes , amazing , tender and bright colour of leather , make my legs very sexy.

Sunglasses - vintage ( 1,2)
top- my design 
jacket- my design 
jewelry- my design
jeans -mango

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