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Let's get acquainted ....

Hello my dear friends, I want to tell you about my relationship with fashion!

Fashion began to get involved as I can remember, in the beginning of my journey were the German catalogs, which I studied the then all sorts of clubs and art schools (4 years), and then art college , and now  I have a choice to come to the bachelor's degree. 
At the beginning of my journey was as fashion theater "Insight" (something like the models, but the money we paid. ") 
In general I had a happy childhood. It also had various gyms and creative class. 
I am very grateful to my parents, namely my mother, grandma and grandpa for their support and for believing in my strength, for their support all my endeavors.   
( I with my class in school) GUESS?
 My work


Оne day I woke up and wanted something to connect, find homes crochet hooks, yarn, and the old has gone, I do not know how, I'm not knitting, books, and I do not have, and no one showed, but tied a square. 

I bought a good thread, I went on a journey called "Knitting." 
 Then it was interesting. I asked for a sewing machine, a birthday I got a gorgeous sewing machine, to which I was afraid for a long time to come, where-is 3 years.

 Then I got a job in sports studio designer out there - me and then pulled to the machines, doing his thing, I spy on the seamstresses for their work, and have come home, I finally went and sat down at the car, and did not could stop ...
  Now I am sewing for  all my family and I am very pleased, now constantly in search of beautiful materials, which are then going to create something, recently became involved skin, creating jewelry and handbags from leather, now fond of batik (fabric paint .) THE MOST IN MY LIFE DON'T  STOP , BECAUSE LIFE IS ENERGY , LIFE IS ART AND CREATION , FASHION -PASSION, AND I MUST GO AFFORD!

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